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    Jordan Fawcett Memorial Award

    Jordan Fawcett Memorial Award

    Jordan Fawcett passed away on November 2nd, 2010 from ­ Sudden Unexplained Death in Epilepsy (SUDEP.) Jordan was only 15 years old and left this world far too soon. Jordan was a tremendous athlete, student and community leader and she loved to play soccer, among many other sports. Markdale Minor Soccer has honoured Jordan’s memory with an annual Memorial Award for Under 12 and up athletes. It is the highest honour given to our athletes and it is a wonderful way for Jordan’s friends and family to stay connected to our sports community.


    The Jordan Fawcett Memorial Award recognizes Markdale Minor Soccer players who demonstrate exemplary athletic ability, dedication, sportsmanship, leadership, team work and a love of the game!

    Award Winners

    2023 Season

    Back Row (left to right): Krystal Jackson (MMS President), Landon Leith (Under-15 Boys), Nick Garcia (Under-18 Boys), Jack Farmus (Nicholson Award), Ben Gray (Coaching Award), Mackenzie Falls (Under-18 Girls), Kenneth Taylor (MMS Vice President).

    Front Row (left to right): Kortney Bullock (Under-15 Girls), Edward Sparling (Under-12 Boys Team #2), Madelynn Dawson (Under-12 Girls Team # 2), Ryden Irwin (Under-12 Girls Team #1) and Kieran Duncan (Under-12 Boys Team #1).

    2022 Season

    Back Row (left to right): Krystal Jackson (MMS VP), Carlene Harrison (Nicholson Award), Maggie Furlong (Under-15 Girls), Emma Mullin (Under-18 Girls), Jacob Broderick (Under-15 Boys), Mils Farmus (MMS President) and Joe Lobbezoo (Coaching Award).

    Front Row (left to right): Malee Winter (Under-12 Girls), Caleb Crannie (Under-12 Boys Team #1) and Joel Van Oosten (Under-12 Boys Team #2).

    2021 Season

    Back Row (left to right): Emma Evans (Under-15 Girls), Jenna Robertson (Under-18 Girls), Nick Evans (Coaching Award), Rory Coward (Under-18 Boys), Marshall Van Eldik (Under-15 Boys).

    Front Row: Krystal Jackson (MMS Executive), Olivia Mullin (Under-12 Girls), Jenn Scace (Nicholson Award), Liam Johnston (Under-12 Boys), Mils Farmus (MMS President).

    2019 Season

    Jordan Fawcett award winners 2019

    Back Row (left to right): Jason May (Builder Award), Jason Gordon (Under-18 Boys), Thomas Farmus (Under-15 Boys), Jessica Rae (Coaching Award).

    Front Row: Robin Speke (MMS Executive), Jennifer Macdonald (Nicholson Award), Kyla Pacheco (Under-18 Girls Rep), Zoe Reggio (Under-15 Girls), Mya Adams (Under-12 Girls), Jack Farmus (Under-12 Boys), Mils Farmus (MMS President). Absent: Megan Goulding (Under-18 Girls)

    2018 Season

    Back Row (left to right): Aeson Uhrig (Under-15 Boys), Nadine Myiow (Under-17 Rep Girls), Cassidy Goulding (Under-15 Girls), Dave Fawcett (Award Sponsor), Fayth Vandenberg (Under-18 Girls), Ben Evans (Nicholson Award Winner).

    Front Row: Laura Murakami (MMS Vice-President), Sophia Hawkins (Under-12 Girls), Dario Reale (Under-12 Boys), Logan Sapusak (Under-11 Rep Boys), Mils Farmus (MMS President).

    2017 Season

    Back Row (left to right) – Madison MacGillivray (Under-16 Girls Rep), Grace Rhodes (Under-15 Girls), Melisa Hooper (Under-12 Girls), Leif Rupke (Under-15 Boys), Nathan MacMillan (Under-12 Boys) Front Row – Mils Farmus (MMS President) Dave and Debbie Fawcett (Award Sponsors), Adrian Op’t Hoog (MMS Executive)

    Absent: Nicolas Pallister (Under-11 Boys Rep) and Hanna Bowles (Under-18 Girls).

    2016 Season

    Back Row (left to right) – Jordon Rowe (Under-12 Girls), Gordon Johnston (MMS Vice President), Nolan Lafleur (Men’s Open), Cassidy Shortt (Under-18 Girls),

    Middle Row – Madalyn Hackson (Under-13 Girls Rep), Ashton Russell (Under-12 Boys), Cole Russell (Under-14 Boys), Ben Evans (Under-13 Boys Rep), Zoey Davis (Under-15 Girls Rep),

    Front Row – Dave Fawcett (Award Sponsor), Nicholas Goreski (Under-11 Boys Rep), Melinda Sadler (MMS Treasurer) and Mils Farmus (MMS President). Absent – Alyssa Neal (Under-14 Girls)
    Photo: Eric Lundsted

    2015 Season

    Back Row (L-R): Mils Farmus (MMS Executive), Avery Rowe (U14 Girls), Trenton McKormick (U16 Boys), Kate Lupo-Flewelling (U16 Girls), Ciarra Pennings (U19 Girls), Jonah Johnston (U19 Boys)

    Front Row (L-R): Melinda Sadler (MMS Executive), Debbie Fawcett, Zack Stoneman(U12 Boys Rep), Ben Groves (U12 Boys), Regan O’Connor (U12 Girls), Kate Wilton (U14 Girls Rep), Dave Fawcett.
    Photo by : Eric Lundstead

    2014 Season

    Back row: Justin Viljakainen, U20 Boys, Adam Breedon, U16 Boys,

    Middle row: Levi Viljakainen, U14 Boys, Paige Gallagher, U16 Girls, April Zancai, U20 Girls, Ashley MacDonald, U13 Girls Rep, Madeline Marshall, U14 Girls,

    Front row: Matthew Grootendorst, U12 Boys, Dave & Debbie Fawcett, Jenna Vandenberg, U12 Girls

    2013 Season

    Middle Row (left to right) Marissa Zago U16 Girls, Maggie Murakami, U14 Girls, Jonah Johnston, U16 Boys, Justin Viljakainen, U20 Boys, Justine Mayne, U20 Girls,
    Front Row (left to right) Sherisse Lavender, U12 Co-ed (Girls,) Cole Russell, U12 Boys, Meagan Hard, U12 Girls, Stephen Gordon, U14 Boys

    Back Row (left to right) Mils Farmus, Rick Sadler and Gordon Johnston from the Markdale Minor Soccer Executive

    2012 Season

    (Left – Right) Gord Johnston MMS VP, U12 Co-ed Levi Viljakainen, U14 Boys Adam Breedon, U16 Boys James Oliver, U20 Boys Brian Petch, Dave and Deb Fawcett, U20 Girls Elena Zago, U16 Girls Kaitlyn Spires, U14 Girls Katie Viljakainen, U12 Girls Michaela Sadler, Rick Sadler MMS President.

    2011 Season

    (Left – Right) Gord Johnston MMS VP, Under 16 – Justin Viljakainen, Under 20 – Veronica Viljakainen, Deb Fawcett, Under 14 – Kirsten Neuteboom, Under 12 – Stephen Gordon, Rick Sadler MMS President.