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    Exciting Opportunity: Our Executive Committee is Growing, Apply Now, Due Feb. 29!

    Did you know MMS Soccer is completely non-profit and 100% volunteer driven by members of our community just like you? And as our community has grown, so has our soccer program. We expect the 2024 soccer season to be our biggest yet, with MMS registering more teams than any other time in club history. So, to help us keep delivering the high quality soccer programming our community has come to expect, the MMS Executive Committee has restructured our board member positions, and created additional roles so we can continue to enhance our club and beloved Chapman’s Soccer Complex.  Please submit your expressions of interest to by January 28, 2024. 

    Who should apply?

    • For board positions: anyone with any exposure to our club, such as working in a coach, ref or volunteer capacity; and/or, someone who has existing experience on a board of directors; and/or, anyone experienced in an athletic association or working with a non-profit organization; and/or, anyone who is new but willing to learn and be mentored by our executive team!
    • For ad hoc volunteer positions: anyone willing to commit a night a week helping to run our house league programming and occasionally chip in to help run events.
    • Students and athletes interesting in building their leadership capacity and offering their time in exchange for volunteer hours, job references, mentorship, and extra practice time on the field time continue to be welcome at any time and need not apply to board positions! Thank you to all students who continue to step up for our community by helping as needed with events, running games, and summer camp! More information will be shared during the 2024 Outdoor season on how you can get involved.

    What can Applicants Expect?

    • The Executive will review applications promptly after the Jan. 28 deadline and plans to have new members join in time to support the planning process as we work to launch the 2024 Outdoor season. All new members will receive orientation and mentorship support from us so there is lot’s of room for growth and new ideas too.
    • As a member of the committee, we meet approximately 6 times per year to undertake decision making and planning activities necessary for each member to execute their roles.
    • The Executive is a dedicated group of community members who are committed to making MMS a fun and enriching soccer club! Some of us are long-time board members while others have joined more recently, having been involved through our child athletes. Some of us are former coaches, others are former athletes, but what we all have in common is a love of the beautiful game and a love of this community!

    What Positions are Available?

    Director: Fundraising

    • Researches fundraising opportunities, executes strategies
    • Arranges vendor partnerships and communicates fundraising details to club membership
    • Plans pick up dates and delivery times
    • Undertakes tournament BBQ planning
    • Provides oversight and planning pertaining to Team Photos
    • Supports the club Treasurer as needed with sponsorship activities

    On-site Operations Manager

    • Acts as the club’s on-site point of contact for players, referees, coaches and spectators
    • Provides information and communications to club members
    • Works with Head Coach to distribute coach packages and organization training sessions
    • Provides and collects forms and information packages to club members such as regarding photo day and fundraisers
    • Works with other executive members to plan year-end celebrations and assists in the running of House League BBQs

    Referee in Chief

    • Develops and distributes referee schedules
    • Conducts annual referee info session at season start, with ad hoc touch points arranged as needed throughout the season
    • Provides general referee skills development, mentorship, and recruitment
    • Undertakes ref recruitment activities to establish a continuous supply and development of league refs
    • Undertakes oversight of all referee payments
    • Shall ensure that a cadre of referees is appropriately certified and available for games on an ongoing basis
    • Shall ensure that the Club conforms to current rules and regulations guidelines, as outlined by the OSA and other relevant sanctioning bodies;
    • Shall ensure that current rules and regulations are disseminated to the Club’s referee cadre
    • Must have some referee experience in an athletics association; preferred candidates also have experience with the above coordination duties

    Ad hoc volunteers (multiple positions available)

    •  Works with the On-site Operations Manager and VP: Intercounty & Youth Development on an as-need basis;
    • Are available to assist with tournaments, BBQs, festivals and other events or fundraising ventures
    • May offer game night support, committing to attending one or more nights a week to oversee House League operations during the summer outdoor season

    Don’t wait, apply now and be a part of this respected club that supports over 400 athletes and counting!